Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Reorganisation in progress!


I made the decision yesterday to have a bit of a sort and to reorganise all of my craft stuff, no mean feet, but as it's WOYWW I thought I'd show you how things looked this morning...Can you guess where the cat lives?

The inside of the wardrobe that I'm fitting shelves to so that I can store more of my stash

And well this is what my lounge floor looks like today...really should invest in that TV...Like how I prioritised crafting over putting Ben's toys away...
Fingers crossed project reorganisation will be complete tomorrow and I can show you the new and improved craft zone.


  1. Good luck with the organizing! It looks like you have a ton of room in that wardrobe.


    Terry #133 (giving away blog candy!)

  2. You're off to a great start! Hope your energy level remains high! Patsy from

  3. Best of luck with the organising- trouble is your original mess gets 10 times worse until you've finished, doesn't it? On the upside, I always find stuff I forgot I had, lol. Shaz #76

  4. interesting looking work space. Organizing is a pain and seems like it breeds disorganization in the beginning. I always find a lot of stuff that I thought was lost! Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #35

  5. Oh well done! As it's now Monday you're probably finished and's a job I put off..always takes ages and causes other am full of admiration - don't forget to show us when finished!



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